Damage Hitter

Hitting a baseball or softball is the most difficult task accomplish in all athletics. The Damage Hitter program uses the lessons of swinging, hitting, and playing to emphasize life lessons.

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"Win the day, every day"

"When in doubt... HIT IT OUT!"

"Let's Assassinate that fastball!"

"It's all just PRACTICE until you get to the big league."

The Damage Hitter Difference - Life Experience as a Hitting Coach

As a professional hitting coach, a professional scout, a mentor, an advocate to thousands of families earning college baseball, softball, and educational scholarships.

I believe that hitting is the single hardest athletic skill in the world. I cannot think of a better training tool to prepare young people to become great adults, equally as important, great adults can learn to train great young people in all aspects of life through hitting lessons.

Damage Hitter is our complete training guide for what we call the 3 pillars of our society.

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